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Generic Error In The Xob Subsystem

Action: Put a closing quote in the proper location. in my executeRead i want to print the array, but get only an empty one. Action: Include the previously unspecified schema in the list of schemas and/or correct the order in which the schemas are specified. OCI-30192: reserved for future use Cause: None. weblink

Your cache administrator is webmaster. Action: None OCI-30197: reserved for future use Cause: None. OCI-22161: type code [string] is not valid Cause: Given type code is not valid. From SQL/PLUS, reconnect and resubmit statement. http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=1410181

Action: Replace the invalid field width with a valid one. The path expression is used to specify the position of an attribute in an object. The constraints are specified as part of the attribute or collection element's schema information. The schema evolution was successful Action: If the user needs to remove the temporary tables, use the mapping table to get the temporary table names and drop them.

Action: Contact Oracle Support Services. OCI-21705: service context is invalid Cause: The service context that is supplied by the user is not valid. OCI-22976: incorrect number of arguments to MAKE_REF Cause: Number of arguments for MAKE_REF is different from the number of PRIMARY KEY attributes of the object view. Click Here to join Tek-Tips and talk with other members!

Or the file already exists and the permissions on it doesn't allow the file to be opened in in the requested open mode Action: Check whether the user has permissions to I just love Agavi. Action: Check to make sure that the type has not been created prior to this. read this article See the brackets for the reason.

OCI-22065: number to text translation for the given format causes overflow Cause: Rounding done due to the given string format causes overflow. actually.. Caution: The following error code is not relocatable. OCI-22602: pickler TDS handle [string] is not well-formed Cause: Attempt to use the pickler TDS handle without initializing/ constructing it.

Cause: The scalar parameter to XMLELEMENT has been qualified with an alias. https://docs.oracle.com/database/121/ERRMG/OCI-00601.htm Action: Choose another data type which is supported. Action: User should avoid performing such operation. OCI-22150: variable-length array has not been initialized Cause: An un-initialized variable-length array is being operated upon.

The modified buffer has not been flushed since the write that was performed by the the input locator; thus, the input locator is considered an updated locator. http://meditationpc.com/generic-error/generic-error-in-gdi.php If piece wise construction or access is being attempted, the type supplied is not matching the type of the current attribute. OCI-22141: given size [string] must be even in UTF-16 environment Cause: The given resize size is odd. But unable to do so.

OCI-21522: attempted to use an invalid connection in OCI (object mode only) Cause: User attempted to use an invalid connection or a connection that has been terminated in an OCI environment Action: Do not attempt to add more than the maximum number of elements to XML documents. OCI-22608: cannot add an attribute to the already generated image handle Cause: Attempt to add an attribute to the already constructed image. check over here I've found vista more stable than both OSX And linux for desktop use 13:26 luke` [n=luke`@] has quit [] 13:26 MikeSeth i dont touch vista as a matter of principle 13:27

Then retry the operation. Action: Declare the namespace for the prefix used OCI-30941: Cannot specify empty URI for non-default namespace 'string' Cause: An attempt was made to insert a namespace declaration for a non-default namespace Action: Contact Oracle Support Services.

Action: Remove the duplicate flag.

OCI-30157: An invalid argument was given to operating system call Cause: The OS call was called with an invalid argument. OCI-21602: operation does not support the specified typecode Cause: The user attempts to perform an operation that does not support the specified typecode. Action: Recompile its dependents. OCI-30151: File already exists Cause: Tried to open a file with OCI_FILE_EXCL flag and the file already exists.

the user is able to set the url himself or let the model create the url from the title. To initialize number call OCINumberSetZero(). OCI-31002: Path name string is not a container Cause: XDB expected the given path name to represent a container. http://meditationpc.com/generic-error/generic-error.php Action: Make sure that a correct name is given.

if i export from model retrieved data, i get only an empty array, while the exported array contains another array, when dumping it before exporting 15:18 Rayne confusing sentence go! 15:18 OCI-22309: attribute with name "string" already exists Cause: The user is attempting to create an object type where more than one attributes have the same name. OCI-30177: invalid flag used in a format specification Cause: There is an invalid flag in a format specification. OCI-22165: given index [string] must be in the range of [string] to [string] Cause: Given index is not in the required range.

OCI-19208: parameter string of function string must be aliased Cause: The indicated parameter of the XML generation function has not been aliased, although it is an expression. OCI-21703: cannot flush an object that is not modified Cause: See the error message. Reasons such as off-topic, duplicates, flames, illegal, vulgar, or students posting their homework. OCI-22626: Type Mismatch while constructing or accessing OCIAnyData Cause: Type supplied is not matching the type of the AnyData.

OCI-30120: 'string' is not a legal oracle number for 'string' Cause: The value is not a valid oracle number. Action: Use one of the typecodes enumerated in OCITypeCode. OCI-22286: insufficient privileges on directory or file to perform string operation Cause: The user does not have the necessary access privileges on the directory alias and/or the file for the operation. OCI-22064: invalid NLS parameter string [string] Cause: The NLS parameter string for converting characters to or from an Oracle number is invalid.