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The SIZE command failed. permission?) 61 Unrecognized transfer encoding Reference MaterialConfiguration Table and Directive ListError code list for failed FTP and HTTP remote webserver log transfersInteger Field ListRegular Field ListRegular Report List ©2016 Google Privacy First of all, make sure you are using correct the FTP details (such as hostname, username and password). I'm suspicious that this might be a DNS problem and am working that angle, but I still would like to know what "Error #6" belongs to.

WinSCP includes the server-side description in its error message, labeled "Error message from server". This reply is used in command sequence groups. 4xx Transient Negative Completion reply The command was not accepted and the requested action did not take place, but the error condition is In this case you can use our server IP address as your FTP hostname. Continue United States English دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة العَرَبِيَّة‎‎ יִשְׂרָאֵל מְדִינַת יִשְׂרָאֵל Colombia Español Argentina Español Brasil Português Česko Čeština Deutschland Deutsch Danmark Dansk Eesti Eesti España Español Suomi Suomi France https://support.google.com/urchin/answer/28456?hl=en

Ftp Error Codes

Try logging back in; contact your hosting provider to check if you need to increase your hosting account; try disabling the firewall on your PC to see if that solves the an invalid username/password, remote server unreachable, remote log unreadable, etc.), Urchin will log an error code in the runtime output, as viewable in the Task History for the Profile. CURLE_NO_CONNECTION_AVAILABLE (89) (For internal use only, will never be returned by libcurl) No connection available, the session will be queued. (added in 7.30.0) CURLE_SSL_PINNEDPUBKEYNOTMATCH (90) Failed to match the pinned key

It is difficult to assign a meaning to "transient", particularly when two distinct sites (Server- and User-processes) have to agree on the interpretation. Page type unknown. 552 Requested file action aborted. This error may be used locally, but must not be return by a server. File Transfer Failed : Ftp Library Error Code : 2 - Failed Initialization Error code list for failed FTP and HTTP remote webserver log transfers Overview An Urchin Log Source can be configured to collect a webserver log from a remote server via FTP

Requested file action successful (for example; file transfer or file abort). Sftp Error Codes When running a profile that connects to an FTP server you may receive the following errors in the log file: Scan failed (-1): Read Timeout: The connection to the FTP server What should I do? https://winscp.net/eng/docs/sftp_codes This reply is useful only to the human user. 215 NAME system type.

CURLE_CONV_REQD (76) Caller must register conversion callbacks. Curl Error Code 56 If you’re using a Dynamic DNS program with your FTP server you may find that disabling passive in the DNS settings (and FTP server) and in SyncBack/SE will fix data transfer Refer to the appropriate documentation. However, if some error is encountered during the transfer (e.g.

Sftp Error Codes

This action successfully completes, and the data connection is closed. 227 Entering Passive Mode. (h1,h2,h3,h4,p1,p2) 230 User logged in, proceed. this page CURLE_FILESIZE_EXCEEDED (63) Maximum file size exceeded. Ftp Error Codes Error connecting with SSL: The FTP server does not support SSL, or you are using implicit SSL and it only supports explicit, or the wrong port number is being used. Error -157: Invalid Reply From Server Ftp Requested file action successful (for example, file transfer or file abort). 227 Entering Passive Mode (h1,h2,h3,h4,p1,p2). 228 Entering Long Passive Mode (long address, port). 229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (|||port|). 230

Go Social Bookmarks Delicious Digg Redit StumbleUpon Furl Yahoo Adobe Support > Contribute > FTP server checker error codes FTP server checker error codes Search Applies to: Contribute The Contribute FTP If libcurl fails to parse that line, this return code is passed back. CURLcode Almost all "easy" interface functions return a CURLcode error code. Each reply in the 4xx category might have a slightly different time value, but the intent is that the user-process is encouraged to try again. Sftp Error Code 255

LET'S BE FRIENDS GET MONTHLY NEWS WINDOWS APPS Responsive Email Designer Responsive Layout Maker Pro The HTML Editor Web Form Builder Responsive Site Designer Bootstrap Builder Foundation Framer Shopping Cart Creator CURLE_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS (47) Too many redirects. Also wait about 1 minute after password update and then try to enter File Manager again. WinSCP does not use the code. 8 Operation unsupported An attempted operation could not be completed by the server because the server does not support the operation.

Home » Forums » Direct FTP » Error #6: Direct FTP couldn't find the specified server. Curl Error Code 7 CURLE_LOGIN_DENIED (67) The remote server denied curl to login (Added in 7.13.1) CURLE_TFTP_NOTFOUND (68) File not found on TFTP server. Not logged in: The username and/or password is not correct.

Codes List Code Name Description Comment 0 OK Indicates successful completion of the operation. 1 EOF An attempt to read past the end-of-file was made; or, there are no more directory

Either one or both were not accepted by the server. 11 FTP weird PASS reply. Please note thatwe do not provide bespoke troubleshooting/configuration for firewalls. A function was called with a bad parameter. Err_ftp_failed CURLE_QUOTE_ERROR (21) When sending custom "QUOTE" commands to the remote server, one of the commands returned an error code that was 400 or higher (for FTP) or otherwise indicated unsuccessful completion

How to troubleshoot... When following redirects, libcurl hit the maximum amount. User name badly specified. 25 FTP couldn't STOR file. CURLSHE_INVALID (3) An invalid share object was passed to the function.

CURLE_COULDNT_RESOLVE_PROXY (5) Couldn't resolve proxy. SyncBackSE V4.0.8 and later, SyncBackPro, and SyncBackFree,use a different FTP engine and so return less cryptic error messages. The text is exact and not left to the particular implementation; it must read "MARK yyyy = mmmm" where yyyy is User-process data stream marker, and mmmm server's equivalent marker (note Article Detail When testing an FTP connection you may receive one of the following errors: Socket Error # 11001, Host not found: Check that the hostname or IP address has been

IP address can be found on the right tab. CURLE_TFTP_PERM (69) Permission problem on TFTP server. Verify command sequence. 504 Command not implemented for that parameter.