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Gdi Error Image Save In C#


This kind of isolated code is always difficult. –yamen May 14 '12 at 12:39 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote For me I was using the Image.Save(Stream, ImageCodecInfo, EncoderParameters) c# .net image gdi+ system.drawing share|improve this question edited Mar 22 '13 at 13:52 asked Mar 22 '13 at 13:02 Uwe Keim 22.8k25102165 MSDN says a Bitmap loaded from Not the answer you're looking for? Do you have to download a special version of Blender to use experimental features? his comment is here

share|improve this answer answered Aug 6 '15 at 18:26 mminneman 312 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote I encountered the same exception message when saving an image. How safe are Wi-Fi Hotspots? Friday, February 08, 2013 10:41 AM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote I might also depend on where your output is to. Anything up to around 62000 pixels was fine, anything above this size produced the error. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1053052/a-generic-error-occurred-in-gdi-jpeg-image-to-memorystream

A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi Bitmap Save C#

My kids watch Youtube, how to monitor what they see? When I used the Image.Save(Stream, ImageFormat) instead, the error disappeared! http://support.microsoft.com/?id=814675 A generic error occurred in GDI+, JPEG Image to MemoryStream Image.Save(..) throws a GDI+ exception because the memory stream is closed http://alperguc.blogspot.in/2008/11/c-generic-error-occurred-in-gdi.html EDIT: just writing from memory... GDI+ limits the height of an image to 65534 You can verify this yourself with a simple code test: int width = 480; int height = Int16.MaxValue; try { while(Height <=

You don't have to use the using() statements, just call Dispose() at the end of the scope I show above. Update: It works when i use ImageFormat.Jpeg Instead of ImageFormat.Png, but i still need a PNG format. Use the using statement. –Hans Passant Feb 14 '13 at 2:43 @HansPassant thanks, I modified my answer to reflect your comment. –Magnum Feb 14 '13 at 22:04 System.runtime.interopservices.externalexception (0x80004005): A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi+. I know that there is many other causes of that problem,but that's what i know until this time.

share|improve this answer edited Apr 28 '14 at 15:11 answered Apr 28 '14 at 12:53 Azarsa 4652921 1 This sounds like a really bad answer to me. –Uwe Keim Apr What do you call someone who acts "cool-headed"? This fixed my problem too. check these guys out share|improve this answer edited Jul 22 '11 at 16:19 Ray Hayes 11.9k74372 answered Dec 21 '09 at 19:24 HU. 6111 add a comment| up vote 4 down vote SOLVED - I

I was trying to use EncoderParameter to save the jpegs in 100% quality. System.runtime.interopservices.externalexception: A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi+. share|improve this answer answered Nov 17 '14 at 9:18 Jenny O'Reilly 6,14832134 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote I used below logic while saving a .png format. share|improve this answer answered Mar 14 '14 at 22:30 gaffleck 34317 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote In my case it was a spelling mistake in the path to Greets, Jean Paul ON7AMI Thanks friendAllow time to reverse.

A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi+. Asp.net C#

guru - Sunday, March 28, 2010 2:09:49 AM Hi, I had the same problem with windows 2008, Issue Fixed when I changed the Authentication -> anonumous Authentication property to use the http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15862810/a-generic-error-occured-in-gdi-in-bitmap-save-method share|improve this answer edited Jan 11 '13 at 19:33 Bartek 946516 answered Jan 11 '13 at 19:01 JAH 111 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote I also get this A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi Bitmap Save C# This is one advantage of C#, with the using() syntax: // new image with transparent Alpha layer using (var bitmap = new Bitmap(330, 18, PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb)) { using (var graphics = Graphics.FromImage(bitmap)) A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi In C# Windows Application Browse other questions tagged c# .net gdi+ or ask your own question.

No permissions issues as ms is a MemoryStream. this content Beyond the thousands of googlable posts that mention this mistake. Shortest code to throw SIGILL Coding standard for clarity: comment every line of code? Create them before saving image. How To Solve A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi+

asked 2 years ago viewed 42326 times active 1 year ago Linked 14 A generic error occurred in GDI+ 9 When drawing an image: System.Runtime.InteropServices.ExternalException: A generic error occurred in GDI The method Bitmap.Save would through this exception when saving an bitmap I had transformed and was displaying. This can happen because the Bitmap implementation seems to be as lazy as possible. weblink Make sure the file stream stays open, while you are accessing the image!

What is so bad about puns? C# Picturebox Image Save A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi+ Or actually maybe just your Bitmap object. –meanbunny May 14 '12 at 2:56 @meanbunny Im not sure if i got your point, but CopyFromScreen is not my method, its Always favor using the using statement.

Do you have to download a special version of Blender to use experimental features?

Should I list "boredom" as a reason for leaving my previous job in an interview? SGWellens - Saturday, February 28, 2009 9:18:12 PM It might not be that you don't have write permissions, but a sharing violation might be in effect. So my code was creating this folder later. A Generic Error Occured In Gdi+. Bitmap.save C# This probably saved the last of my hair. –NotMe Oct 8 '10 at 21:26 3 Thanks!

Is there such thing as a "Black Box" that decrypts internet traffic? GDI+ keeps a lock on files from which an image was contructed. i am getting this error An exception of type ‘System.ArgumentNullException' occurred in mscorlib.dll but was not handled in user code Additional information: Buffer cannot be null. check over here Have resorted to using the bitmap clone technique as described above - it's kludgey but it works, for which my thanks!

Attempting to save using the original Bitmap failed, but with this SavePicture() function, it worked a treat. So like an idiot I continued to use the latter although it saves them in default quality which I assume is just 50%. Factorial digit sum How do you indicate that an item is not selectable? Should I list "boredom" as a reason for leaving my previous job in an interview?

Why? I never would have thought such a 'general' error had to do with a filesystem issue! Ridiculously, you're absolutely right. How do you solve the copied consciousness conundrum without killing anyone?

Leisure and Entertainment Are room temperature superconductors theoretically possible, and through what mechanism? Single adjective meaning "does not use much energy" Json2Apex implementation issue Turn this array into a matrix Is ((a + (b & 255)) & 255) the same as ((a + b) Not the answer you're looking for? Hope you get more upvotes. :) –Gleno Jul 23 '12 at 23:22 You solved my problem! +1 for you! –user20493 Aug 23 '12 at 17:58 1 THIS was

This worked for me too! share|improve this answer answered Jun 24 '13 at 13:37 Igilima 8111 3 awesome - I would never have thought to look at the directory path that closely –jharr100 May 23 What danger/code violation is oversized breakers?